Rudhramadevi Movie Review

Rudhramadevi movie review

Cast:Anushka, Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Krishnam Raju and Others
Directed by: Guna Sekhar
Produced by: Guna Sekhar
Banner: Gunaa Team Works
Music by: Ilayaraja
Release Date: 2015-10-09
Rudhramadevi story is all about the historial story of kakatiya kingdom and rudhramadevi.
Coming to the story Ganapatideva chakravarthi(krishnamraju) fears about the end of kakatiya dynasty when a baby girl is born.
He hides the fact that she is a girl and brought up as a boy named as Rudra deva(anushka) and trained in all the war fields to protect the people in kingdom.
Rudrama Devi’s identity is finally revealed when she is all set to be crowned as the queen.
Taking this as an opportunity Ganapathideva’s step brothers (Suman, Aditya) tries to take over the kingdom.
Finally at the same time enemies invades oorugalu in the mean time Rudrama devi and Gonnagana reddy protects the kingdom is the main story.
Rudhramadevi movie review

Rudhramadevi movie review

1.Allu arjun
1.Graphics and Visual effects are little poor
2.Screen play
3.Little lag in the second half


Guna Sekhar has chosen a good story about the biography of Rudramadevi.
He has executed the story in a proper manner with a good cast and crew with the reasonable graphics.Gona ganna reddy’s introduction was extremely good with different slang.
Allu arjun is one of the main assets for rudramadevi movie…
Over all the movie could be worth watch movie with the family members…

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